CSG1: Willowbrook / Aesthetic of Failure (translucent c62, ltd to 12)
Includes special 11x17 color poster. J-card and poster collages by Vladimir Vacovsky. Layout by K. Parker. Mastered by S. Parker.

CSG2: Gorked - Discord and the Whore (white c62, ltd to 12)
2 panel b/w j-card, hand-assembled booklet of data-bent art and lyrics, and a slip of torn lingerie. Layout by N. Horrigan. Mastered by S. Parker.

CSG3: She Walks Crooked (grey c20, ltd to 10)
B/w j-cards on heavy white stock. Comes with a small lock of hair. Layout by S. Kindberg.

CSG4: Kodreanu (grey c20, ltd to 10)
B/w j-card on light green heavy stock. Includes chunk of tree bark. Layout by K. Parker.

CSG5: Raven (translucent c62, ltd to 10)
-B/w j-card on heavy white stock. Special item to be announced. Layout by D. Miladinovic.

Note: All releases come with extra cassette size, hand-numbered informational sheet designed by the label.